Bridge Road Barbell Weight Lifting Club

We have a newly formed Olympic Lifting Club, lead by our Olympic lifting coach Justin Oro-Campos.  In 2017 our olympic lifting classes will continue but we will also be looking to host some competitions.  We will also be looking to recruit team members to represent Bridge Road Barbell in competitions.

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Bridge Road Barbell Power Lifting Club

The Bridge Road Barbell Powerlifting Club is a sports club which promotes drug free lifting.  We have lifters competing across multiple federations. We promote the following federations, the Great British Powerlifting Federation (GBPF / IPF), the BDFPA (British Drug Free Powerlifting Association), and the ABPU (amateur/drug tested portion of the British Powerlifting Union).

Hand Of Hercules Grop Sport and Arm Wrestling Club

A strong grip is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be truly strong. Grip training carries over into all areas of training. The hands and wrists must be strong, as a weak link here will never let you reach your potential.  A strong grip will help stimulate more muscle fibres at the same time, enabling a better muscular activation and a stronger more powerful contraction.  A muscular set of forearms too are always impressive.