Our Trainers



Phil Horwood (Head Coach and Owner)

Phil is well experienced in multiple facets of strength training and embraces anything strength related. Phil has experience in training a multitude of different types of clients and athletes.  Primarily Phil is best experienced as a powerlifting coach, but also has a wide variety of other clients, from those looking to improve their physique for a holiday/wedding to those looking to put muscle on for the start of a season of playing American Football. He has trained skiers, weightlifters, rugby players, tennis players, golfers, basketball players, volleyball players, members of the police force, fire service and armed forces. In actual fact a great deal of his clients are actually PTs and trainers themselves.

Anthony Wells


My current qualifications include a Batchelors degree in Coaching & Sports Development, Level 3 PT, and suspension training with a view to train in more disciplines and complete a Masters in Exercise & Nutrition Science.

My ethos as a coach/personal trainer is to work with you to set realistic and achievable goals to keep you motivated. It doesn’t matter what your goals are, how experienced you are or how confident you are in your training I can help you to progress further. The approach I take is evidence based on the most recent research, while still taking individual differences in body type into consideration.